Benefits of our Payment Processing Solutions for Lawyers and Law Firms

We provide the most fully-featured payment processing solutions in the legal industry at the lowest rates available.

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Cash in the bank today is better than a check in the mail tomorrow. And forget the wasted time and administrative resources following up with clients and trying to collect on unpaid bills. Get invoices paid right away and reduce bad debt and accounts receivable balances for a much healthier cash flow for your law practice. It's a reliable and efficient way to collect client payments. It's just good business.

Clients of Law Firms Love It!

Payment by credit card and debit card are becoming increasingly popular payment options for the clients of attorneys and law firms. Clients love it because it's easy. They can pay online in seconds. What's more, they can rack up credit card points and miles for their legal bill payments, which can really add to something special. So accepting credit cards is a great client service and helps land new clients that prefer to pay by credit or debit card.

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"Stop Wasting Time on Collections!"

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Simplified rates for law firms

We provide the lowest processing fees available in the legal industry. Additionally, because of our fully integrated platform the 3rd party gateway costs are completely eliminated from the transactions, giving you the best possible rate available anywhere.

Real-Time Data

Real-time updates of your consolidated payment activity across your entire operation. View all of your transactions in one location in the Reports section. Our reporting lets you view batches, bank deposits, monthly statements and more 24 hours a day.

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Lex/Actum multipule payment options

Multiple Payment Options

You know how important it is to receive credit/debit card, check, and ACH payments. And chances are, you accept cards in more than one place. You may have multiple locations or take payments online or over the phone. We make it easy to do all that and keep track of every detail without breaking a sweat.

PCI Compliance

Secure payment applications, when implemented into a PCI DSS-compliant environment, will help to minimize the potential for security breaches leading to compromises of full magnetic stripe data, card validation codes and values (CAV2, CID, CVC2, CVV2), PINs and PIN blocks, and the damaging fraud resulting from these breaches.

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Stop Wasting Time on Collections and Unpaid Bills

Simplify how you collect client payments.
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